Computer Repair in Los Angeles: How to Save Your Computer After a Liquid Spill | Mobile PC MedicsAs a safety measure, it is never advisable to place a cup of beverage next to your computer. If the cup tips over, then you have liquid that spills over the keyboard and seeps into the internal circuitry. This is certainly a nightmare scenario for most users and is something that happens from time to time no matter how careful you are. Should a spill occur, you will need to take your computer or laptop to a computer repair in Los Angeles, CA.

For a simple water spill, what you should do is call a repair service. In the meantime, though, you need to remove as much of the water as possible. To do this, turn the unit upside down to remove excess water. Afterwards, use a blow dryer to evaporate as much of the water as possible. Alternatively, you can also store the entire component in a box of dry rice, which will work to absorb the moisture. Also, always be sure to switch the computer off and unplug it before taking the aforementioned steps. Not doing so can present an electrical hazard.

For other types of spills, such as coffee, soft drinks, or any other beverage that contains sugar and other ingredients, it is even more crucial that you contact computer repair in Los Angeles. Apply the same steps as you would with a water spill. The problem, though, is that the sugar and other substance inside the beverage can remain behind inside the internal circuit even after the initial cleanup.

Sometimes, the damage may not be apparent right away. Everything may appear to function normally, but a malfunction may occur later down the road. This is why it is important to take your computer to a computer repair in Los Angeles even if you followed the standard response procedures for a spill and everything appears unaffected. Having a pro examine your computer ensures that a major malfunction does not happen out of the blue at some point down the road.


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