Here are some testimonials from people who have worked with Mobile PC Medics in the recent past. We hope this page gives you a taste of what doing business with us is like — quick, easy, and affordable!
The guy that came out to the house really knew his stuff. My computer was on it’s last leg and had served me well for about 7 years. I was expecting him to tell me to go buy another, but instead he was able to fix all the issues that was slowing it down and add more speed and memory, and he charged me a fraction of what I was expecting. These guys are my new computer problem solvers. I highly recommend.
Brandon W.
Malibu, CA
These guys know how to get it done- reliable and fast.
Rob C.
Valencia, CA
I’ve been working with Austin for a few years now off and on for my business’s computer repair issues. He’s always been very quick to respond and eager to help. His prices are lower then the any of the competition in Thousand Oaks. He also does iPhone, iPad, iPod repair, but not just for people in the Thousand Oaks area… You can do mail-in repair, which I’ve done once for a cracked screen. I’ve been impressed with Austin’s expertise and his ability to not seem like he’s talking down to me when explaining something. Pro’s: fast service, quote through website, doesn’t talk down to you, prices are pretty low. Con’s: they’re a pretty small shop so I can imagine they’d get overloaded if you slam them with the big corporate jobs, etc… but they really seem to be built for small to medium sized stuff like virus removal, computer repairs and network stuff.
Andrew S.
Agoura Hills, CA
Mobile PC Medics came out the same day we called in order to install an additional printer and fix some other minor problems we were having. Austin was prompt, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him, especially to those not completely computer literate like my wife and I.
Randy Smith
Oak Park, CA
I have had PC Medics fix and service my computers for the past 2 years and have always been satisfied with the professionalism and quickness of which the problems were resolved.
Brett Bottomley
Agoura Hills, CA
Mobile PC Medics set up our business and home networks and do maintenance on our computers. Our networks and PCs are running better than ever. Great customer service, very reliable… they are like our own IT department.
Pat Sanchez
Thousand Oaks, CA
I had a computer that was just littered with spyware and malware. Mobile PC Medics cleared my hard drive and reinstalled windows in only a few hours. Now I’m happy to say I have basically a brand new computer!! Awesome.
Daniel Bragg
Moorpark, CA
My computer crashed, and I’m not a whiz at this stuff, so I took it to the Geek Squad to see what they would charge to get me my lifeline back. They claimed it would take 1-2 days to determine the cause and to fix whatever issues, and the price would range from $150-350 (most likely) to fix once they figured it out. That wasn’t going to cut it for me. A colleague told me to try Mobile PC Medics, because he had a good experience with one of their techs. The Mobile PC Medics tech was at my house the next day, and for $75 my computer was back to normal, and the guy even added something to speed things up. Don’t fall for the big names. Mobile PC Medics did the same job, if not better, for half the price and completed it much faster.
Brandon Weeks
Westlake Village, CA
I am not so great when it comes to technology, namely computers. I got a new PC and had no idea how to get all the junk from my old computer to my new PC. I spoke to Apple and didn’t know what they were talking about. I googled computer repair near my area and found Mobile PC Medics. Austin came out the next day and effortlessly transferred my data (pictures included) from my old computer to my new PC. I also had him look at my son’s laptop. He told me within minutes it was infested with viruses. He was able to remove all of the viruses and made my son’s laptop work faster than it had in a long time. My son has a separate laptop for school. Austin suggested setting up a home network so all the computers communicate and can access the printer. He came back the next day with the necessary supplies and had it done in no time at all. Thank you, Austin, for all of your help with my computer issues. I will definitely continue to use Mobile PC Medics for all my computer needs.
Heather M.
Calabasas, CA
Austin from Mobile PC Medics came to my home today to fix my computer, and I am thrilled with the service. I can’t say enough about how helpful, professional, kind and responsive he was. By the time he left, EVERYTHING was working perfectly, and I am so angry at myself for not calling sooner. There is no reason to deal with annoying PC issues when you can have Mobile PC come at a very reasonable price to alleviate your computer frustrations. I truly can’t say how happy I am with the service!
Stacy G.
Agoura Hills, CA
I was up in Thousand Oaks last week, and my laptop died. Thanks to Mobile PC Medics for getting me up and running again!! They always kept me updated on the status of the repair, and my computer was fixed FAST for a reasonable price. That was easy! Thanks again!
Aaron R.
Newbury Park, CA
My G Series notebook froze during start up. I took it to half a dozen places, who either said they couldn’t fix it or quoted me a geek squad price. I found Mobile PC Medics, and my computer was fixed that same day for a very reasonable price. Will recommend to friends and family.
Dave G.
Oak Park
I was in the middle of writing/ typing my research proposal for my PhD and was working against the clock. My computer crashed. I panicked, but a friend recommended I call Mobile PC Medics. I called, and within 5 minutes I had a call back. My computer was picked up from my home and fixed quickly, AND the work I was doing was retrieved. The cost was extremely reasonable, and the service amazing. I highly recommend them!
Lyn R.
Malibu, CA
Friendly, knowledgeable, quick, and easy. Much easier than driving to one of the BIG stores. They picked up my computer and had it back to me the next day. Running perfectly! Thanks, will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family!
Brett W.
Thousand Oaks
Great experience with the owner. He came to my house personally and, on a weekend, installed a PC, transferred all data from the old PC and fixed some issues with my laptop. Price was also very reasonable
Tracy R.
Oak Park, CA

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