Agoura Hills, CA Computer Repair That’s Hassle-Free

For more than 14 years, anyone in the Agoura Hills California area that needed computer hardware repaired or replaced, have called Mobile PC Medics. They are known to provide each customer with world-class service with any computer repairs, IT solutions, and network services, which is for everyday users and businesses. When there is a need for computers, IT, or network service needed, Mobile PC Medics are the first choice in Agoura Hills, CA.

They can provide any business or individuals a cost-effective repair or replacement for every computer hardware component. From batteries to hard drives to LCD screens and more. They will install or update software, remove viruses, and set user configurations for any system.

Mobile PC Medics Offers Best Computer Repair Services In Agoura Hills

Keeping Any Digital Device In Top Working Order | Providing Agoura Hills Quality Computer Repair and More

Mobile PC Medics team of expert technicians has a thorough understanding and respect of how inconvenient it is when computers crash or get hung up. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, or Mac device when it crashes, the stops functioning and you need it fixed fast and right, and no other IT company in Agoura Hills California respects that like Mobile PC Medics.

Network issues can cripple a business, and Mobile PC Medics know that getting back online as quickly as possible is the number one priority. With their same-day promise, they will get any network situation resolved quickly for every mobile and remote customer. When you require correct, professional, and quick computer repair, Mobile PC Medics it the go-to for all of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

» We Work With Any Brand Or Model Guaranteed!

Whether your digital set-up is older or brand new, our computer technicians are experienced and certified to fix it. We work with the following brand names, including but not limited to:

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Sony
  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Compaq
  • Asus
  • Toshiba
  • Lenovo
  • IBM
  • Gateway
  • Fujitsu
  • Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

» Agoura Hills Computer Repair

Mobile PC Medics is staff with certified and experienced computer technicians that have been repairing and restoring computers and digital devices in Agoura Hills and all through Southern California for 15 years. We understand the frustration that unexpected computer issues can cause, and we want to be the one you call when your desktop, laptop, or other device crashes. You can see our Computer Repair Services in Agoura Hills.

We have technicians that will troubleshoot your problems, fix them, and prevent any future issues too. Our turnaround time is faster than the big box stores with the following and more:

  • Slow Computers
  • WiFi Issues
  • Hardware and Software Issues
  • Printer Support
  • Screen Repair

Call us 24/7 for emergency computer repair or ongoing maintenance at (818) 307-6868.

Mobile PC Medics Agoura Hills Laptop Repair Services

Easy Agoura Hills SSD Installation Services for PC and Laptop

Agoura Hills LCD Screen Repair Services

» Agoura Hills Laptop Repair and LCD Screen Repair

At Mobile PC Medics, full-service means full-service, and it has for more than 15 years. We are family-owned and operated, staffed with the best Laptop Repair specialists and technicians in Southern California. We have earned a solid reputation for providing top customer service, experienced computer repairs, network services, and professional IT solutions in and around Agoura Hills and Los Angeles areas.

Mobile PC Medics offers high-level onsite, remote, and mobile computer repair services for businesses and residences. We provide full-service repair laptops and provide premier support afterward. No matter what issues you’re having, our technicians are experienced and trained to handle it all.

Call us today for a free diagnostic at (818) 307-6868.

» Agoura Hills Malware and Virus Removal

A virus can appear as antivirus protection and damage your computer. The Mobile PC Medics technicians are experienced with these types of virus and keep informed on new ones, so we are better able to help you. If your computer is moving slow, you have unfamiliar antivirus messages popping up; you can’t complete certain tasks, you may already have a virus. Mobile PC Medics provides our Agoura Hills customers with leading Virus Removal technology that will effectively and safely remove any malware or virus, including any underlying rootkit virus or other virus problems. Give us a call today at (818) 307-6868, so we can get your computer cleaned up and performing at an optimum level.

» Agoura Hills Network Services and IT Solutions

For over 14 years, Mobile PC Medics have been providing businesses and residences the bet optimization service for current network set-up. We can get a new network installed and a wired and/or wireless system that works best for you and your business or home use. We provide Los Angeles and surrounding areas a full-service computer, laptop repair, IT, and network solutions in Agoura Hills at a flat-rate so there’s no guessing at the cost.

We have established a trusted reputation with our certified and expert mobile and onsite computer network services, including increasing your bandwidth in and around Agoura Hills and the Los Angeles areas.

  • Wired + Wireless
  • Broadband + DSL
  • New + Existing Systems
  • Antivirus Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virus, Spyware, + Malware Removal
  • Email Set-Up
Network Services and IT Solutions in Agoura Hills and the Conjeo Valley

» Agoura Hills Mobile Computer Repair

Residents and business owners in and around Ventura County and Los Angeles have enough expenses already without having to pay for expensive tech services for computers, Nor do they have time to stop what they’re doing and take their desktop, laptop or other devices in, and some devices aren’t portable either! That’s where Mobile PC Medics comes to the rescue in and around Agoura Hills.

We make mobile calls for any type of computer and technical support needed while reducing your PC expenses. For the past 14 years, we have been keeping desktops, laptops, routers, and more running at peak performance with a cost that doesn’t break budgets. Call us at (818) 307-6868 for Mobile Computer Repair professional services!

» Agoura Hills Software Installation

Software is scary for many people, for experts like Mobile PC Medics; it is one more component that is required to operate a computer. If you’re having trouble with basic level or advanced level software installation in Agoura Hills, our technicians are experienced in installing all tops of software.

Give us a call at (818) 307-6868 and our technicians will get your software loaded, running, and make sure you know how to access it. We also will make sure it’s virus-free and ready to give you the power you need to complete your job or project. Our reputation proceeds us with 14 years of servicing Agoura Hills and surrounding areas.

» Agoura Hills Mac Repair

Mobile PC Medics is staffed with experts in MacBook and can fix any issue you’re having. Big or small, we have established a reputation of making quick repair at an affordable rate with a guarantee. From MacBook Air to MacBook Pro Retina to MacBook Pro, and any other Mac device you have. We have a level of experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Agoura Hills or the surrounding area.

After we have completed the repair, we perform tests and retests to ensure your Mac is in prime operation capacity. One phone call to (818) 307-6868, and we can be there in an hour!

Visit Our Official Mac Repair Website:

Agoura Hills Commercial IT Solutions

Mobile PC Medics offers ongoing digital support for businesses of all sizes in and around Agoura Hills, Ventura, and Los Angeles County. Experts say that 60% of all small businesses lose valuable digital data in six months, bigger business is at risk of losing even more! With our technical support, we will make sure your system back-up is sufficient with a high level of protection that keeps any hacker from breaching your data.

With Mobile PC Medics on stand-by with a one hour arrival time, it’s like having an in-house IT department, at a fraction of the cost. Call us today at (818) 307-6868 and let’s discuss your needs and how we can help. With almost 14 years of experience, we have the solution that’s exactly right for your business, regardless of the size or industry.

Why Mobile PC Medics?

Are you still wondering if Mobile PC Medics is the right computer repair company for you? Here are just a few reasons why our computer technicians are rated #1 throughout Ventura and Los Angeles County!

  • Fast Same-Day Service Guaranteed
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Flat Rates
  • CompTIA Certified
  • Apple Certified + Mac Repair
  • Microsoft Certified
  • CISCO Certified
  • Mobile + Remote Repair
  • 24/7 Emergency Computer Repair
  • Ongoing Tech Support + Network Services

Still Have Questions Of Your Computer Repair? We Have Answers!

We get it–computers can be tough and costly. Instead of replacing your system altogether, you can count on Mobile PC Medics to repair and maintain your devices at an affordable price. We even walk you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way. Here are some of the initial questions we receive from customers and callers!

» What will it cost to fix my computer?

We start with a flat rate of $90 on all computers, but if you need a more precise dollar amount, click here.

» My computer is moving slow. Can you fix it?

The most common problem that causes computers to run slow are programs running that you may not see. Go to your Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and you’ll see what programs are running in the background, how much CPU and memory they are using each time you boot up your computer. Mobile PC Medics technicians will do a tune-up on your computer that includes disabling and removing any startup programs and TSRs that are set for auto start.

» How expensive is a laptop repair?

In Agoura Hills and surrounding areas, Mobile PC Medics provides a cost-effective solution all computer repair services starting with a free diagnosis and estimate with no hidden costs or fees. Repairs start at $45 and any new hardware, software or replacement parts are at an additional cost. You can find more details on our Mobile PC Medics prices here.

» Will scanning and repairing my hard drive take long?

Depending on the errors that are in your computer system, scanning and repairing a hard drive takes approximately 2 hours, some computers take longer.

» My laptop crashes all the time, why?

Laptop’s have a common culprit that causes them to crash or freeze up, hindering their overall performance. Because a laptop is so compact, they heat they generate can cause them to crash or freeze up. Your laptop may need a new fan and Mobile PC Medics has the quickest time in the industry to fix that problem. If there is a data or other hardware issue causing it to overheat, we are known to be the quickest guys in town to get it fixed.

» My laptop keeps freezing up. What can I do about that?

If you’re using Windows OS, Mobile PC Medics technicians recommend closing the program you’re working in using the Task Manager. If you aren’t able to get the Task Manager open by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, your laptop needs a hard reset.

If you didn’t find your problem or question in our FAQs, or you want more information about our computer repair in Agoura Hills, message us here or give us a call at 818.307.6868.

When you have a computer problem, Mobile PC Medics is the partner you want on your team. Our reputation supersedes us as being a fast, honest, and reliable computer support partner for any PC repair, consultation, or tech support.