Spyware is a type of software that is installed on computers or laptops without the owner knowing. This software collects information about users that can sometimes be harmful and can be used to view user’s internet habits and preferences. Spyware can redirect internet browsers and slow down PCs, annoying many home or business users. Today’s computer users need to be aware of spyware and the effects it has on their computers.

Adware is another type of malware in a different classification than spyware. Adware is different than spyware in that it can be seen by users of programs that benefit from showing ads for free when using their software. Adware can bother people, because it can cause pop-ups and other problems for users. Today’s spyware and adware work together by gathering user preferences to show ads to certain users. Spyware does not self-replicate like viruses do, but they still can be very dangerous. Spyware can come with software bought or downloaded from the internet and can piggyback on these programs to infiltrate a user’s computer. Spyware usually does not transfer to different systems like viruses but still can be a nuisance. There are a lot of software programs to stop these unwanted spyware problems.

Many computer repair companies specialize in removing these bothersome programs, but there are a lot of things you as a user can do to prevent these programs from being installed or downloaded to your computer or laptop. One thing you can do is not download programs from random websites. There are many good websites, such as CNET.com, that check the software to be spyware free before they offer it.

Another thing to do is run an antivirus or anti-spyware program on the downloaded files or purchased programs before installing them. There are a lot of free options for antivirus or anti-spyware. Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials are great examples of free products that can be downloaded and used to prevent spyware from infiltrating and causing havoc on your PC or laptop. There are also paid antivirus and anti-spyware programs such MacAfee, Symantec, and Kasperski, which can help protect your PC, but the free programs seem to work just as well as the paid ones. Most free programs on the internet may have some kind of spyware, but being aware of where you download from can be very helpful. While most paid programs do not have spyware, some still do, so prevention is key. Call Mobile PC Medics for virus removal if you are in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties including and surrounding areas such as Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills.