Samsung Galaxy S5 | takes a look at 10 of the best smartphones on the market today, giving a quick breakdown of the details of each of the featured phones. The HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S5 seem to be the favorites among the Android based phones, while the Nokia Lumia Icon is an improvement over the previous installments of Windows phones. The Apple iPhone 5s has a lot of room to grow, as many people have not begun to explore its full capabilities yet.

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Windows Phone personal assistant Cortana | Mobile-PC-Medics.comCortana, the new digital personal assistant app for the Windows Phone, apparently has some funny answers to numerous questions that people may ask her. Cortana tells several different jokes, has sassy answers to questions about Apple’s Siri, and will even explain parts of the Halo saga.

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Nokia Lumia |

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia became official this week, with the software behemoth paying $7.2 billion to acquire Nokia and its 32,000-person workforce. Microsoft has long wanted sales of the Windows Phone to rival those of Apple and Android phones, so the acquisition of Nokia should help them in that regard. Microsoft has also recently upgraded its software and increased its app choices, so there is hope that they may be able to soon compete with the other mobile phone companies.

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