Windows 8 will be banned from Chinese government PCs | Mobile-PC-Medics.comChina has banned Windows 8 from being installed as the operating system on government computers, believing that the OS could pose a future security risk. The Chinese government will reportedly look to implement a Linux-based operating system, first in government offices and then on a consumer-wide basis.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 | takes a look at 10 of the best smartphones on the market today, giving a quick breakdown of the details of each of the featured phones. The HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S5 seem to be the favorites among the Android based phones, while the Nokia Lumia Icon is an improvement over the previous installments of Windows phones. The Apple iPhone 5s has a lot of room to grow, as many people have not begun to explore its full capabilities yet.

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Windows Tablet to Monitor | Mobile-MC-Medics.comMany Windows tablets are so advanced that they can effectively serve as PCs, so PC World has several suggestions for ways to help people turn their tablets into desktops. Among the features that people may need to supplement their tablets include monitors, USB hubs, keyboards and mouses. The update to Windows 8.1 allows users to switch from touch-screen mode to desktop, making the transition relatively smooth.

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Windows Phone personal assistant Cortana | Mobile-PC-Medics.comCortana, the new digital personal assistant app for the Windows Phone, apparently has some funny answers to numerous questions that people may ask her. Cortana tells several different jokes, has sassy answers to questions about Apple’s Siri, and will even explain parts of the Halo saga.

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Microsoft Windows Phone | MobilePCMedics.comMicrosoft recently unveiled the beta version of its digital personal assistant for the Windows Phone, named Cortana, which is being voiced by Jen Taylor, who played the Cortana character of the same name in the Halo video game series. While still in the beginning stages of its usage, the early reviews of Cortana on the Windows Phone are promising, with hopes that it will be on par with Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

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