Essential Tips for Securing Your Laptop | Mobile PC MedicsWhether you are using your laptop at work, while traveling or when sharing a public network, it is essential to keep your laptop and the information within it protected from wandering eyes. Not only do you have vital personal information stored within your computer, but you may have crucial business datastored in your hard drive as well. Here are a few things you can do to keep your computer safe and secure.

Set up your laptop so that you need to enter a password every time you enter the system. Make sure to choose a password that is unique and that people would not be able to easily guess. If your computer should become stolen altogether, however, you want to make sure people cannot get to your information by removing your computer’s hard drive and relocating it to another computer. If you are not sure how to encrypt your hard drive, a professional computer service can help you.

Always update your computer with security patches that become available from your virus blocker or software supplier. There are always new viruses and malware being formed that could present a potential danger to your system. Software systems are always in the process of creating patches and to protect users’ computers from the dangerous software bugs. By installing protective software as soon as a security update becomes available, you can increase the likelihood that your computer will not become affected.

If you tend to travel often or use public networks at a hotel or coffee shop, other people may be able to access your information more easily. When connecting to the public network, go through a travel router, which connects to your computer through an Ethernet port. The router has an additional protective built-in firewall to help keep your computer secure.

Next time you are traveling or signing into a network in a public setting, it is important to think about who may be accessing your information and what you can do to protect it from others.


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