People Still Aren't Downloading iOS 8 | Mobile PC MedicsThe new operating system, iOS 8, was released to Apple product users on September 17, 2014. iOS 8 has had a rough start compared to other versions of the operating system that were released before it. “iOS 8 also isn’t a huge departure from iOS 7, the way that iOS 7 was a complete redesign from iOS 6,” says Huffington Post contributor writer Timothy Stenovec. As of November 10th, 2014, only 58 percent of those visiting the Apple store have downloaded iOS 8.

When people were asked why they haven’t downloaded the new operating system, the main reason  was due to the amount of storage space that was needed in order for iOS 8 to be downloaded. Apple still continues to have record sales with their new products, so the number of those with iOS 8 should start to increase.

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