Mobile Laptop Repair: The Future of Tech Support | Mobile PC MedicsThe age of making those painstaking phone calls to tech support, trying to explain the problem, but never quite finding the right words, is coming to an end. Mobile laptop repair is on the rise, and with its onset comes many exciting possibilities.

Imagine calling the tech support number, giving basic information about your laptop, and then granting the customer service agent visual remote access to your entire desktop. Through mobile laptop repair, the agent can see exactly what you are looking at, and can give expert guidance without having to rely on your best efforts at shots in the dark. Many problems can be resolved in 5 minutes or less, in one phone call. Just a few years ago this same scenario would have involved transferring to different multiple departments, placing numerous calls, and a waiting time of hours or sometimes even days without a fix for your problem. This is already happening across the country, and abroad.

If the problem is unresolved over the phone through remote desktop access and visualization, simply wait in your home or office for a technician to come to you. You do not have time to bring a computer to a repair shop -the technician will come right to your door instead.

If the problem is hardware-related instead of a software issue that can be fixed remotely, a technician can meet you at your location, with all the parts needed to get you back up and running. This could include a replacement LCD screen, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, power cable, battery, CD/DVD drive, or memory upgrade.

Laptops have specific needs when compared with desktop computers, so relying on a mobile laptop repair service becomes even more significant when you are in a pinch. Issues relating to screen breakage and hard drive integration  are all a little more tricky than PC problems, so make sure you rely on a true laptop expert that can get the parts you need, and get them fast.


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