Purchasing a new computer can be a difficult task for a person who is not familiar with electronics and technology. Computer technology changes almost on a daily basis, and sometimes it can be an overwhelming task for new or existing users in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Woodland Hills to setup their PC’s and devices.

Whether it is a computer or laptop, there are many options to choose from. There are memory and hard drives sizes, motherboard speed, video card quality, and sounds cards to pick from when buying a new pc or laptop. Microsoft also has many different versions of Windows to choose from that have different options for different needs of users of homes or businesses. When people buy new computers or replace old ones, they also need such things as internet connections and printers hooked up and installed, which can be difficult depending on the situation. Most residential or businesses users have networks that need to share files, printers, and other technology. Also, security can be a concern for most users when it comes to business or family computers and laptops with virus and hacking becoming more of a problem with today’s internet world.

Most PC users today have adapted to their own way of doing things, and change can be very difficult. When users get new PCs or laptops, they usually want to have access to their email, pictures, music, videos, and documents. We will help you setup and configure your new PC with all the features that it arrives with but also make sure you have access to all your old programs and files. We will make sure the best security for virus and malware protection is installed and configured properly on your new computer. We will also make sure your network security is configured properly so your new devices are fully protected against internet threats.

Transferring files from a broken PC can be difficult for most users, because it requires removing the hard drive from the computer or laptop, which requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge. Setting up email can be difficult as well, because most users don’t know how it was setup in the first place. Email programs like Gmail or Yahoo is pretty easy fornew computer setup, but Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail can be more difficult. With Outlook and the other email programs, there requires knowledge of the email servers and their settings. Also, backing up and transferring the old email can be especially tricky. It is best to leave it up to a computer repair company such as Mobile PC Medics to transfer things such as email to new PCs or laptops.