It’s no secret that IT users and technical support professionals typically don’t see eye to eye. And, the pros at say that although solving this dilemma will not be easy, they do, however, think that they can lighten up a little on the topic of IT support for end users. In an effort to do so, they went on a search for the humor in IT support.

“Guess what, because it involves personal interaction, it’s a minefield of sensitivities that open it up for some fun. A comedian will tell you that the opportunity for humor arises when you can highlight a truth in a non-offensive way, and everyone can have a laugh. In this spirit, we asked our internal IT support guys and non-support staff what they thought.” Based on their findings, they built an infographic as the ultimate survival guide for IT technical support. Check it out below, enjoy!


Ultimate Survival Guide to Technical Support (Inforgraphic) | Mobile PC Medics