When thinking of the advances in technology it can be overwhelming yet fascinating at how the lifespan of a PC’s performance can vary from one to another. Literally, technology advances by leaps and bounds almost daily, so to imagine the changes and differences from a device purchased last year to a device purchased this year is nearly impossible to fathom.  For instance, a one to two year old computer to one owner may seem completely acceptable without limits or issues, fully capable to run whatever software or programs they need.  However to another owner, a one to two year old PC can be completely antiquated and incapable of running various software or programs that owner requires for their home or business use.

Being a computer professional, I am constantly thinking of these issues consumers face when it comes to PC’s and use/maintenance/repair.  Some of my thoughts on technology and PC use are as follows.  If one buys a top quality laptop, it may last for many years, with the appropriate maintenance, tune-up’s, updates, etc..  If a consumer were to purchase a lower end bargain, you should feel lucky if it gets you through a year without major overhaul, to say the least.  And this refers to the device working as well as it did when purchased.  Computer technology is evolving quicker than ever before which makes it difficult for users to know if they should by a new computer or keep their existing computer or laptop.  Today’s advances make it difficult for a consumer to not feel as if they are always one step behind when it comes to their PC.  It is important to consult a computer repair professional such as Mobile PC Medics to review with you various options when it comes to your business or personal computer devices in the both the Conejo and San Fernando Valleys, namely Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and  Woodland Hills.

Here are a couple tips which may help you to determine if you are in need up simply updating your device or are in need of purchasing a new PC.  In either situation, Mobil PC Medics is here to help with every step of the process.  If your computer is currently running Windows XP, it is time to upgrade, as Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP after April 2014.  The newest operating system is Windows 8 and is installed in almost every new computer or laptop in stores and online today.  That said, most computers made within the past five years will generally have enough “horsepower” to perform most of the routine activities people need, for home and business.  With older computers, in addition to removing junk software and viruses and adding memory, a performance tuning may still be required for aging computers to operate at their best.  In the past, software required larger, faster computers to run at their peak, but throughout the last four to six years, software for normal applications has definitely improved in regards to its requirements.  One can run software in devices that do not need to be nearly as powerful as that of the past.  Whether you have a top quality PC or one that is less expensive you can anticipate them lasting longer with routine maintenance and updates, as you would with your automobile.  Mobile PC Medics can help to ensure you can keep your devise for years to come.  Call Mobile PC Medics for all your computer repair advice, support, virus removal, or laptop repair needs.