When I was in elementary school, computers were just breaking out into the world. They were regarded as an expensive luxury that many people didn’t have much of a need for. In addition, less than a generation ago, computer viruses were actually considered an urban myth typically found more often in movies than on actual computer systems! Long gone are the days of secure computers and laptops — these days, malicious software is a growing epidemic.

Not only are viruses an annoying nuisance to deal with, but they also constitute a material threat to businesses, government, and computer users everywhere. Luckily, experts have trumped in finding and creating innovative virus removal solutions and technology to effectively and efficiently resort computer security. That being said, here’s an awesome and informative infographic that features computer virus facts and statistics, as well as some helpful virus removal tips, tricks, and solutions.


Computer Virus Removal Tips, Tricks, Stats, & Solutions (Infographic) | Mobile PC Medics