Mobile Virus Removal | MobilePCMedics.comComputer viruses may affect your computer in different ways, and most do not immediately result in a crashed hard drive. The earlier you recognize the virus, the more likely a professional will be able to perform a successful virus removal that restores your computer to normal again without lasting damage. Symptoms may begin appearing right away, but it is more likely that they will begin to appear within 3 to 6 weeks after exposure to the virus. Knowing what the symptoms of a virus are can help you to catch it early and get help.



One of the first noticeable symptoms of a virus is slower speeds. Video games and programs that used to run quickly will become progressively slower. Web pages will take longer to load, and programs may take a while to open. Eventually, even simple programs like your word processor will begin to respond slowly. This is because the virus affects your computer’s processor first, straining the amount of power it produces. It is critical to take the computer to a professional for virus removal at this stage, because when the computer progresses to the next stage, it may be too late.

Program Failure

As the virus progresses into the next stage, you will see various programs beginning to fail in different ways. Some programs will refuse to open at all. Others will suddenly freeze or close themselves after being open a few minutes. Once these symptoms appear, your computer may be beyond repair and a professional may have to reformat the hard drive in order to remove the virus.

Preventing Virus Attacks

In order to keep from getting a computer virus, it is important to avoid any unfamiliar websites, particularly ones with free games and downloads. These types frequently have malware and viruses attached to them. Computer viruses are always changing as hackers find new ways to get around firewalls and anti-virus protection software. Ask your computer professional which anti-virus program will work best for you.

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