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Most computer issues are fairly frustrating to deal with. Luckily, some problems require very little help. Others may require a bit more work. While an individual may be able to solve a lot of laptop problems on their own, sometimes it makes sense to enlist the help of a mobile laptop repair tech. Some common problems that you might call in a technician for include overheating, your laptop not charging, a broken screen or backlight, and damaged ports.


When your laptop is constantly shutting down unexpectedly, it might have an overheating problem. (more…)

Computer Backup | MobilePCMedics.comIf someone you know is continuously telling you to back up the files on your computer, you should listen. Computer backup is one of the most important things that people tend to ignore. Your machine may seem to be completely hardy and invulnerable, but it could still crash tomorrow. That is why you need to preserve the integrity of your data by backing up your files elsewhere.

Think about it – your computer contains tons of information that is valuable to you. Although it probably does not contain a bunch of government secrets or things that could cause a big scandal if lost, it does have your music, your writing samples, your school and work records, lists of passwords for various websites, your games, and much more. (more…)

Remote Computer Repair | MobilePCMedics.comSometimes, the most difficult thing about getting your computer repaired is taking it to a place where somebody in the know can fix it. Once you get it to that knowledgeable person, the rest goes by like magic. Fortunately, you do not even need to deal with the hassle of transporting your computer to a different location. You can have it repaired remotely! Remote computer repair is a great way to have a number of problems solved, including removing a virus, speeding up a computer that has slowed down significantly, and more. It is even possible to email clients software and other technologies set up on your computer on a remote basis.

All you need to do to benefit from remote computer repair is to call up a company that offers this service and give them a bit of information about your computer. They will use this information to connect to your computer remotely and clean it up. When you think about it, this sort of capability is truly amazing. It means that you do not even need to leave your house to get your most important piece of technology up and running at full capacity again!


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PCWorld gave the new Acer Predator AG3-605-UR39 gaming PC a solid review, proclaiming it one of the best mid-priced options out on the market this year. Though the exterior of the PC is pretty nondescript, the Predator’s components are impressive, allowing it to run high resolution games like Bioshock Ultimate and Battlefield 4 at relatively high speeds. The only issues that PCWorld takes with this model of the Predator are its lack of an SSD and its small power supply, which limits the number of inexpensive upgrades that can be made to the rig.

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Home Computer Repair | MobilePCMedics.comMost people have experienced the agony of a computer not working the way that it is supposed to at home. You are working on your computer, minding your own business, when it starts to act funny. In some cases, it might decide to freeze, shut down, and then refuse to properly boot up. When you are having issues on your home computer and do not have the time to take it into a repair shop, you might need to call for some home computer repair.




PC Repair | MobilePCMedics.comComputers have done so much to make people’s lives simpler. Thanks to this technology, people can go just about anywhere and still stay connected with work, friends, and family through a PC. That is why it is devastating any time a device that you regularly use has issues. You do not always have to wait until your PC crashes to get it working like new again. You can stay alert for signs that you need PC repair, such as your computer running too slow, crashing regularly, or you constantly receive an error message.


Mobile Computer Services | MobilePCMedics.comComputer problems are an issue with which most people can sympathize. It is fairly difficult to meet someone that has not experienced a crashed hard drive, serious virus, or slow-running computer at some point. This is why things like mobile computer services are so useful. You may have at one time had the pleasure of taking your computer in to a repair service, but mobile repair is different — it comes to you.

For individuals who have a problem with their single computer and have the time to take it in, regular computer services are just fine. As for people or businesses that have a lot of computers to look after and very little time, taking computers in to be examined can be a huge hassle. In these cases, mobile computer services can come to your site and work on your computers without taking them in to their shop. If the computers do need to be taken in for repair, then the tech is already there to help haul them away.


Technical Support | MobilePCMedics.comMost people have experienced the need for technical support at some point. Computers can act unpredictably at times, and tech support may be the only thing that can help you fix the problem. For some businesses, getting over-the-phone tech support is useful, but has its own challenges. Connections can be fickle, especially if you are on a mobile line. It can sometimes be difficult to decipher what your technician is telling you to do. If you do not handle it over the phone, where can you go for support? Try calling a mobile repair shop.


Laptop Repair | MobilePCMedics.comMobile laptop repair can be a great option when you either are on the go or are unable to get out and take your computer to a repair shop. Many computer experts recommend that you have your computer regularly maintained anyway, and as busy as your life is, you are not always going to have time to take it in to be checked out. There are some things that you can do at home, however, to keep your laptop maintained well in between visits from the repair shop.


Windows 7 | MobilePCMedics.comMany people are finding they much prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8, and there are still ways to access the software, even though stores are no longer carrying PCs pre-loaded with the more popular operating system. Among the options that people have if they want to have Windows 7 include buying computers online, as PCs with Windows 7 can still be found on sites such as Amazon, and purchasing the software online and building a computer yourself.

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